Solar Powered Industry

Minimize your industry maintenance cost using our solar solutions. Contribute to a cleaner & greener environment by switching to solar power.

How it works ?

  • Solar panels are installed on your rooftops in a way so as to forms a shed and that does not affect the walk able rooftop area.
  • For backup batteries are used to accumulate solar energy.
  • These batteries are charged by solar energy over the day
  • The energy accumulated in these batteries is used to power your outdoor lighting, corridor lights, elevator lights, parking lights, garden lights etc.
  • The system is designed to switch to mains electricity supply in case battery charge gets depleted.
  • This brings down your industry electricity consumption by 80 – 95 %.
  • This reduces your industry maintenance costs by 40 -70%.

Our solar solution have helped various industries and residential facilities to conserve vast amounts of energy using solar and LED solutions. We exceed expectations at giving tailor made solar solutions on its energy requirement. From the first month of establishment our solar solutions guarantee you to save vast amount of energy.

Benefits of a solar powered industry:

  • Huge amount of savings on electricity consumption costs.
  • As a result your maintenance bills reduce substantially.
  • Saving of electricity reduces usage of coal and water for electricity generation.
  • You will indirectly contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.


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