Solar Fencing

Solar Fencing is today’s advanced security solution for agriculture as well as private property. This fencing system is designed to keep unwanted intruders away using non lethal shocks. Unlike traditional fencing systems solar fencing system is equipped to repell intruders and avoid any tampering of the fence. The fencing when in contact gives a small but sharp shock pulse to the intruder which is non lethal but creates a psychological fear in the intruders mind. When any tampering to the fencing is detected the system instantly sounds an alarm that alerts the property authorities to take required action.
Solar Fencing
This advanced solar fence is built with backup facility to remain operational for nights as well as on rainy or cloudy days. This ensures 24×7 security of your property.

The fencing gets its energy gathered from solar power and then uses it to power up the fence wires. It generates pulses and keeps running through the fence. The pulses now travel through the fencing at regular intervals of time that can be measured in milliseconds.

The fence is a multi wire setup that runs through MS galvanized posts at particular intervals. The fence height is around 4-5 feet. Fencing poles or posts are setup at three to four meter gaps. The poles are designed with proper earthing provision since solar setups require good earthing system.

The fence is designed to disallow fence crossing through or over it using spring loaded barricades. The system electrifies the gate that sends out a sharp shock to any intruder coming in contact with it and activates an alarm if anyone tries to break the fencing or tamper it in any way.

Solar Fencing System Details:

Solar fencing is by every means better in terms of security as well as cost than other security measures whether it be a normal fence, watchdogs, human guards, surveillance camera. The solar FENCE never sleeps, it can’t be BRIBED or Talked into anything, It does not need food or water.

If you already have human guards you can complement your property security by adding a solar fencing system to your security. It handles intruders by itself 24×7 moreover also alerts your guards with an alarm as soon as anyone attempts any tampering or damage to the fence. Our solar fence is designed to keep out predators, thieves, trespassers, vandals and other unwanted issues.

Our solar fencing system is also used for livestock security. Solar fencing system is widely used to avoid your important livestock from running over fence as well as any predator or thief from coming inside the fence.

Our enhanced solar security fence is designed to protect agriculture, livestock, manufacturing plant, government facility as well as private properties from being trespassed.

Technical Details:

  • This system is designed to be a Non lethal fencing system.
  • It operates as a physical as well as a psychological barrier between your property and intruders.
  • The system detects any unneeded intrusion or tampering to activate an alarm System that can be heard within 250 – 300 meters range in a matter of seconds.
  • The fence produces a high voltage energy output equivalent to 2.5 Joules, that acts as effective physical barrier.
  • The security mechanism checks the fence around 50 times a minute and at the instant it detects cut or tampering, a built-in-alarm system is active immediately.
  • The Lead Acid Battery (Of Good Make) along with fencing system is concealed in a Metal box. A small light fixed on fence shows whether it is active or not.
  • Secondary power supply of 230V AC is to be provided by the Customer.
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