Smart Card Attendance Systems

Smart cards are a well known authentication mechanism used now a days. Smart card systems have their applications in various industries from education to industrial sector. Smart cards help in authentication, attendance, access provision and similar kinds of systems.

Benefits of Smart Cards ?

  • Smart cards are an efficient way of authentication.
  • They can be used to automate attendance process.
  • Smart cards are easy to make.
  • Smart cards can store lot more data other than just an id.
  • One Smart card can be programmed for multiple functionalities.

How does it work ?

  • Smart cards are cards having codes imprinted on them.
  • There are many types of codes that are decides as per requirement.
  • Each type of code has a particular type of scanner for it.
  • Scanners read the code imprinted on these cards to get unique id/data of the user.
  • This data is now provided to the system to process the data and perform required operations.


  • User authentication.
  • User attendance automation.
  • Can be used as universal authentication – One card for multiple facilities.

We develop custom smart card based systems based on your business needs. Our smart card based systems are developed to improve/automate your business processes. Nevem Solution helps you automate your security/attendance process using advanced smart card systems.

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