Remote PC Monitoring Solutions

PC Boss For Office PC Monitoring

This system allows company owner/manager to monitor over multiple employee pc’s remotely. PC boss system allows you to remotely monitor computer screen as well as remote webcam output image over the internet. PC Boss allows you to monitor over 100 PC’s through a single PC. The boss may also remotely disable, shutdown, restart desired PC’s remotely through the server side as well as send a message to it’s client Pc’s. It also allows the boss to remotely lock shutdown all his pc’s with a single click. PC boss is a robust remote pc monitoring, messaging, disabling system for offices, industries that allow you to take control of your business remotely.

PC Boss For Personal PC Monitoring

PC boss can also be used for monitoring your personal pc remotely. Keep an eye on your personal, pc anytime and from anywhere. PC boss operates in stealth mode to provide you an efficient remote pc monitoring, messaging and disabling system.


  • Monitor over 100 computers from a single PC over Internet
  • View Remote Pc Snapshot On-Demand
  • Capture Remote Pc User Face through Remote PC WebCam On-Demand
  • Chat With Remote PC
  • Log Off Remote Pc
  • Shutdown Remote Pc
  • Works Well With Slow Internet Connections too
  • User-Friendly GUI
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