LED Lighting For Garden/Sports Club/Gym

Looking for a way to reduce your Garden/Sports Club/Gym expenses ? Yes there is a way.. just switch to our energy saving LED lighting and cut your electricity consumption costs by 50 – 70%.

How Do You Benefit ?

  • Switching to LED Lighting benefits you in following ways:
  • It lowers your electricity consumption bill by 50% -70%.
  • Reduction in energy costs leads to reduction in maintenance costs by 30% – 60%.
  • Moreover Led lights have a lifespan of over 10,000 hours that is around 10 – 15 years you don’t need to worry about lighting replacements for a long time.
  • Also you help to create a better & greener environment by contributing to energy conservation.

How To Get This LED Solution ?

It’s simple.

  1. Fill in the form below to request a quote.
  2. We perform a free survey of your survey of your office and provide a report of the huge savings you make by getting this solution.
  3. Once confirmed we allow you to choose desired LED lights.
  4. Now we implement the LED solution in your Office.
  5. We also provide a comfortable payment option to pay in six easy installments and no upfront costs.
LED Solution Enquiry
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