LED Lighting For Offices

Looking for a way to reduce your Office expenses ? Well switch to our innovative energy saving LED solutions and cut your office electricity consumpti...

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LED Lighting For Housing Society

Reduce Society Maintenance by 30 – 60% by Reducing Electricity Consumption

LED lights are energy efficient lights that consume 60% – 80% less energy a...

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LED Lighting For Garden/Sports Club/Gym

Looking for a way to reduce your Garden/Sports Club/Gym expenses ? Yes there is a way....

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LED Lighting For Hotels

Looking to reduce your hotel expenses ? Well switch to our energy saving solutions and cut your electricity consumption costs by 50 – 70%.

How Do You ...

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Smart Card Attendance Systems

Smart cards are a well known authentication mechanism used now a days...

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Remote PC Monitoring Solutions

PC Boss For Office PC Monitoring

This system allows company owner/manager to monitor over multiple employee pc’s remotely...

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Branch/Distributor Communication Solutions

Companies having multiple branches over different locations need to maintain efficient communication on a daily basis to keep track of business and st...

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Multiple Display System

What is a Multiple Display System ?

One system showing a number of different displays at different places by coordinating together.
Multiple display ...

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Triple Display System

Triple display systems are used across various fields for operations like occupancy display /appointment display / manufacturing / stock detail / larg...

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Dual Display System

Dual display systems are widely used in occupancy/appointment/manufacturing/stock detail/large screen notification and similar operations...

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