Nevem – Energy Efficient Automation

What is Energy Efficient Automation?

Increased productivity at lower energy consumption.

We work towards providing energy efficient automation solutions by making use of mechanical and electronic engineering along with energy saving electronic solutions for a better future. Our products and services are inclined towards a better, clean energy efficient society.
Tremendous of energy in unethical/traditional industrial and office use leads to unnecessary overheads and also promotes global warming. We strive towards reducing energy consumption by providing low energy consumption automation solutions. We do this by making use of innovative mechanical design, solar, electronics and IT services for your business.
From private to government sector our products and services have helped businesses reduce their unnecessary overheads and increase profitability through smart automation.

Our major services include:

Product Design & Development Services: We design & develop custom electronic products as per your requirements.
Mechanical Engineering Development: We provide custom mechanical engineering development and design services.
Packaging & Sealing Machinery: We develop custom packaging and sealing systems as per customer requirements.
Solar Solutions: We excel at providing energy saving solar solutions that reduce your energy consumption costs to zero.
Solar Security: We offer solar fencing security systems that protect your property using electric fence and in built alarm system in case of tampering.
LED Solutions: We provide energy efficient LED lighting solutions at most affordable costs that help you save energy & save money.
IT Solutions: Our innovative IT systems include multi display systems as well as network based systems that allow companies to handle multiple distribution networks.